Teachers & Social Media

Social media can be an effective tool for engaging with learners and communicating with parents, whānau and communities. Teachers who model good social media use will grow learners who apply positive, respectful values in their interactions on social media platforms.

About this site

The primary aim of this website is to promote discussion about the Code of Ethics for Registered Teachers/ Ngā Tikanga Matatika mō Ngā Pouako Kua Rēhitatia and its relationship with social media. The resources include:

  • guidelines to help teachers use social media safely and ethically
  • animated scenarios showing ethical dilemmas
  • presentation frameworks to help teachers unpack the issues and examine social media use in their own school/centre
  • positive case studies from teachers who have used social media successfully
  • links to other sites with useful information about social media including concepts such as digital citizenship, privacy and copyright
  • a social media map, describing different platforms and the characteristics of social media.
Social media map infographic: 

social media map

Benefits of social media

Derek Wenmoth from Core Education talks about how teachers can benefit from using social media.

Establishing safeguards

Sean Lyons from Netsafe talks about how social media can be a great tool as long as the right safeguards are in place.